A New and Improved Look for AlternativeTo

One of our goals at AlternativeTo is to create a platform that encourages engagement from our users. Ultimately, this is part of our overall mission of being the best crowdsourced and community-centric software recommendation service. This month we have made some major updates to our UI and have improved the overall look and feel of AlternativeTo. »

Helpful comments and more

Last time we wrote an update on the blog we talked a lot about lists. We are still working on that feature and are trying to wrap our heads around it. Lists are so far only available for the crew, but we soon will let you guys create some lists as well! Helpful comments and reviews »

Dev diary March 2016 - New design and future improvements

A month and a half ago we launched our new design and we are incredibly happy with the result. We have received a lot of positive feedback and everything went surprisingly smooth for such a big update. Since then we have spent most of our time fixing minor bugs, hunt down performance issues and improve the »

A modern new look for AlternativeTo

We have just released the first major redesign of AlternativeTo since we launched the site back in 2009. Feel free to call it AlternativeTo v2 if you want. Anyway, here’s what’s new: Responsive A few years ago we launched a separate mobile version of the site. This version didn’t have all the features »

Apps We Like #009 - 1Password

With more and more of our documents, social interactions and other private information stored online, keeping our data safe is more important than ever. If you’re not already using a password manager then it is time to start, so read on. 1Password is one of the best password managers out there, and it has been »

Apps We Like #008 - Plex

For people who don’t rely only on streaming services for watching TV-series, movies and other types of media files, Plex is a great solution. It’s free (with some limitations) and very easy to use. Plex consists of both a media server and a media player, and all you have to do is to specify »

Apps We Like #007 - Pocket Casts

Whenever I’m walking, driving or bicycling somewhere alone I always listen to a podcast on my phone. It’s a great way to turn potentially boring time into the exact opposite. Instacast has been my podcast player of choice since it first came out, so it was sad to see it get discontinued a while »

Apps We Like #006 - Spotify

There’s a huge battle going on right now between different services who wants us to pay them use their specific platform when listening to music. Most people see streaming as the only way into the future of music and our fellow Swedes at Spotify was one of the first to go this route. According to »

Apps We Like #005 - Telegram

The killer feature of any messaging app is always the fact that your friends are using it, or that they are willing to start. While this factor is different for everyone, having apps available for many platforms is a good start. Telegram is used a lot by the AlternativeTo team and it is available on almost »